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Drag & Drop and Configuration

             Easy to use drag and drop configuration. An important feature is the fast switching between the editor mode and the running mode called On-The-Fly. Thanks to this switching facility, you can see the results instantly without software compilations and without stopping the operation of the software application.

Data Recorder & Trend Functionalities

        WEBICC includes a data recorder that stores the data in the built-in SQLite database. For visualizing recorded data trend widgets are included that allow you to visualize data – either current data or historic data.

Style Your Widget

    Unlimited possibilities to change the design settings of graphic objects such as: resizing, moving, grouping, coloring, changing styles and font sizes, all these features help to create quality technological graphic screens.

Ready to use script engine and script functions

    While WEBICC Designer was created to make it easy to create, edit and style a SCADA/HMI without programming knowledge, programming is also possible and allows you to do virtually any additional action needed to complete what the designer cannot provide. WEBICC allows the creation of new cyclic and acyclic functions, as well as functions with callable parameters on graphical objects.

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WEBICC Designer: WYSIWYG Editor

Creating web HMIs with WEBICC is easy with WEBICC Designer and its included WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor that allows you to see the current HMI directly.

Alarms and alarms history

         Alarms notifications play a important role in maintaining the integrity, security, and efficiency of complex industrial processes. They serve as the vigilant sentinels that detect anomalies, deviations, or potential threats, enabling swift responses to prevent operational disruptions and ensure the safety of personnel, assets, and the environment.

Customizable gauges

Without writing a single line of code, one can create these radial gauges. You can also configure the widget easily by changing the design settings like font styles and sizes, positions and colors

Professional reports

         WEBICC in the professional license version includes report designer, which is a professional report generator. As in the case of WEBICC, for Report Designer we meet the same important feature as fast switching between editor mode and run mode called On-The-Fly. The graphic editor contains a suite of graphic elements with the same drag & drop facility without the need to write code, but for more complex reports the SQL language can be used.

The emphasis is on ease of development as well as compatibility with almost any smart device such as: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, Industrial Touch Screen PC, etc. It is a solution oriented for mobility and rapid development of RAD (Rapid Application Development) applications.

An important feature is the fast switching between the editor mode and the running mode called On-The-Fly. Thanks to this switching facility, you can see the results instantly without software compilations and without stopping the operation of the software application.

This SCADA software online application development environment does not require application installation on the host computer, everything is done online through restricted access. A great advantage is that you do not have to write any line of code, it is intuitive, so it can be configured by staff without profile studies but for more complex operations the JavaScript script editor helps us by writing code for functions with cyclic operation or callable on a certain action.

With the configurable WEBICC SCADA software platform, in case of adopting the solution in the Cloud, it does not matter the location of monitoring the desired technological process or with which smart device the visualization is done. Thus, the notion of Local / Regional Dispatcher broadens its meaning by the fact that the monitoring location becomes universal in position and distance.

It contributes to the digital industrial transformation by breaking down the barriers to the transmission of technological data acquired over any distance, in real time and at any time.

With the help of the WEBICC platform, a SCADA software project can be developed remotely by programmers, regardless of their location, because the configuration environment is centralized and can be accessed from distance. The development effect is instantly without compilations.

Fully configurable environment, WEBICC SCADA software offers the possibility to interface with devices data acquisition hardware, such as PLC / RTU, both through proprietary drivers for SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ALLEN BRADLEY, etc., as well as universal industrial PLCs such as MODBUS RTU / MODBUS, TCP / IP, OPC-UA, BACnet, WEBAPI, ETHERNET IP, MQTT IioT technology.

Cloud solution - the WEBICC SCADA software server is installed in the Cloud and all users access the information from the Cloud through the secure VPN or SSL connection. It does not require a fixed IP if a VPN communication policy is adopted. The SCADA realtime project, but also in configuration mode, can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection, at any time and with any smart device. Any change is instantly visible in real time.
A SaaS cloud-computing service is paid for. The SaaS service consumer uses cloud infrastructure applications through a browser interface. Technological data are transmitted via the Internet.

The WEBICC server is installed on a local server where all the data taken with the help of sensors via PLC / RTUs are centralized. The SCADA software configuration and runtime project can be accessed on the local network at any time and with any smart device. Any change is instantly visible in real time.
Payment is made for the desired type of licensing depending on the variant and number of tags.

WEBICC preview configuration screen.

Views, alarms, maintenance, reports, users, networks, text, trends and more…

WEBICC Complete Package Runtime & Configuration (R&C)


Views Available Available
Line Charts Available Available
Layout Available Available
Bar Charts Available Available
Unlimited WEB Clients Available Available
Unlimited Users Available Available
WEB Client – No installation Available Available
Symbol factory Available Available
Plugins Available Available
Scripts Available Available
Logs Available Available
WebAPI Available Available
BacNET Available Available
MQTT Client – Protocol Available Available
OPC UA Client – Protocol Available Available
Modbus Serial – Protocol Available Available
Modbus TCP/IP – Protocol Available Available
EtherNet/IP – Protocol Available Available
VIPA – Protocol Available Available
Siemens S7 – Protocol Available Available
Alarms Available Available
OS Linux/Windows Available Available
Light Reports Available Available
Advanced Reports Not Available Available
Alarms notifications trough email Not Available Available
Maintenace Not Available Available
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2
Linux Debian, Ubuntu, SuSe, RedHat, Fedora
           PLC protocols
Siemens S7 S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400,…
VIPA 100V / 200V /300 V / 300S..
EtherNet/IP ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micrologix 1200, Micrologix 1400, Micrologix 1500, SLC 500, PLC 5, Omron PLCs, …
Modbus TCP/IP Wago, Schneider, Micrologix, RTUs, ..
Modbus Serial ABB AC500, ABB AC700, IPCDAS, ADAM, RTUs,…
           Other drivers

1. Pumping stations
2. Irrigation stations
3. Tank level
4. Electric generators
5. Flow meters
6. Photovoltaics
7. Wind turbines
8. Temperatures
9. Moisture
10. Fans
11. Energy consumption
12. Smart homes

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