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WEBICC SCADA applications in any industry.

WEBICC is the perfect solution for connecting intelligent industrial devices in industrial applications such as automation, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. It can be successfully integrated in applications for solar and wind energy systems, applications with sensors in agriculture, applications with irrigation, environmental monitoring, in heavy industry where conveyor belts are controlled on long distances, in the food industry and much more. IIoT refers to improving efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costs by eliminating travel times for maintenance, everything can be controlled and monitored remotely. Automatic detection and collecting data from dangerous and hard-to-reach places can reduce the risk to lives human. When an employee receives an alert on the smartphone that the level of a tank is low or equipment requires maintenance, it increases the likelihood of problems to be solved in time, before they become more expensive or even catastrophic

WEBICC is suitable for predictive maintenance applications for identifying when a industrial process or critical equipment is exposed to the risk of failure, so preventive maintenance can be scheduled to solve problems in advance and a prevent downtime. Traditional methods can also be very expensive for workers may accidentally lose indicators that the equipment in question is experiencing technical problems.
In many cases, technicians and maintenance workers have traditionally had to travel to remote locations to perform manual checks. Receiving an alert that a breakdown develops makes it possible to troubleshoot and fix a problem ahead of time the appearance of the defect. WEBICC therefore offers improved maintenance practices, low costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Water has become a limited resource and the demand for this is a necessity. To ensure that we have a sufficient supply are needed specific technological processes of water treatment by local or remote control. WEBICC contributes to the control water cleaning and treatment processes by monitoring these automation systems local or remote through WEB technologies. With WEBICC all data and information important available to control all processes in the best possible way.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing technologies in the renewable energy sector and its use is constantly growing. New wind farms are being built all the time. As the number of installed wind turbines increases, so does the need for remote monitoring and maintenance. WEBICC provides a remote image of their operation by collecting technical data in real time in order to avoid unplanned failures. The more the service routines and maintenance work are efficient, the more economically the wind farm can be operated. With the WEBICC system you can keep control of entire wind farm systems around the world to keep them in working condition.

Efficient energy management is more important than ever to minimize CO2 emissions and save costs. Those who reduce the consumption of resources and energy have a significant contribution to the environment and to the benefits of a use reason. WEBICC allows monitoring of all energy consumption regardless of their nature in order to make them more efficient. With WEBICC you can get:
– Automatic invoicing of energy consumption;
– Allocation of costs to cost centers.
– Monitoring all energy consumption
– Production management by real-time recording of direct consumption data in
production process;

Regardless of the type of liquid in the tanks, WEBICC offers their total control through visual interferences built especially for the ease of their administration in a high security regime. Using the latest cloud-based solutions, as well as remote satellite and cellular connections, it can monitor any tank at any distance. Create images through online graphics pages to quickly identify problems, to set alert thresholds for critical alarms.

Whether you are looking for software as a service (SaaS), a hosted solution, or incorporating a complete SCADA system into your environment, there is a WEBIC solution for you. Monitor oil, hydrocarbons, water, or compressed gas on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. anywhere on the web, whenever you need data. Receive alerts, alarms, and reports sent directly to your mobile devices. Use terrestrial, cellular, satellite, or cloud IoT networks to remotely purchase and control data devices.

WEBICC offers the collection and visualization of measured data on site, of ambient air pollutants or water for private industries. Data can be collected from any measurement sensor, providing tracking, reporting and alert notifications on fixed gases. Whether it is the monitoring of limit levels, detailed studies on pollutants, odor monitoring, particulate pollutants in urban or remote locations; WEBICC has the solution for all your monitoring, visualization and reporting needs.