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               Training helps your specialists understand how to configure WEBICC SCADA. In general, this SCADA application development environment is very intuitive for people familiar with SCADA applications, but we also offer this training for beginners or even for non-specialists. The training allows a better understanding of how WEBICC SCADA works and how to perform a task in the easiest way. The training is online, we use a remote connection to a client’s computer. The necessary training software and hardware are agreed in advance with the customer. For special cases, we also travel to the client’s headquarters when he expressly requests it.
               For a training offer, please access the contact form.


The consulting service allows you to find the most effective decision to suit your business needs. It is especially useful in the design phase when considering the architecture of the automated system. The consultancy aims to create an approach to the use of WEBICC SCADA and is free. Consulting is available by e-mail.

The benefits of training and consulting

       Training saves time and money for your company. After successfully completing the training, your engineers are ready to implement WEBICC SCADA based systems.
       The consultancy significantly saves your company money due to the choice of the most efficient solution based on WEBICC SCADA

Prices for training

       The training is paid according to the duration of the service, but also the costs of a specialist’s travel to the buyer’s premises in case this type of training is chosen. Use the contact form to get the price quote and purchase the service.


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