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WEBICC comes with unique concepts compared to the competition and these are:
– Combined licensing, runtime and configuration in the same software package;
– WEB configuration interface;
– Does not require installation on client devices;
– Configuration without compilation;
– Unlimited number of users;
– Unlimited number of web clients;
– Visible with any WEB browser;
– etc.

The licenses are differentiated according to the number of process tags, more details here.
The Runtime and Configuration work environments are included in a single license and are not purchased separately because they form a common body.

No, the configuration can be done online while the server runtime application is running. Only the client application closes.

Installations will be made on the server only according to the instructions received when purchasing the license. No software application is installed on client devices.

Changes can be made from any client device and simultaneously, that is, two or more software engineers can work at the same time on the same server application. Small development times can thus be obtained.

After any modification, the project does not require compilation. After a simple save, all changes remain permanent.

The only limits are the hardware and data network infrastructure resources.

In the configuration of the WEBICC project there is a setting: Control Center/Layout settings/Zoom, Enabled/Disabled. This setting will adapt the screen to your preference.

In any field, especially for applications that require remote control and monitoring.

On any computer, laptop, server, Raspberry Pi, etc

SCADA WEBICC software can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems, preferably the latest versions.

VPN and/or SSL security standards are implemented for remote access to the WEBICC server application.

SCADA WEBICC software is available in our online store. You must register in our WEBICC platform, after which you will have access to the product page.

If you need a free license for schools or universities, please contact us by email. After a positive decision, we will immediately send
you a license key.

Yes. In any of your projects, you can set your logo. Access the “Control Center/Layout settings/Navigation Side Menu/Logo” menu.

Minimum requirements for computers:
At least
4 GB RAM (8GB recommended),
At least
128 GB HDD (SSD recommended) ,
Internet access for installation and updates